My name is Marquitte Collins I'm a Trichologist (the medical term for a professional hair doctor). My full title is an Occupational Trichologist Healthcare Practitioner. I have gone above and beyond to be educated and obtained an AAS (Applied Art & science) Degree in Cosmetology from (College Of DuPage in Glen Ellyn,IL). A diploma in Trichologyy, and a certificate in Healthcare. I’m a Paraprofessional, Life and Job coach. I have and AAS degrees in Human Services and I am currently attending College of DuPage and National Louis University to pursue a Masters in Counseling.

ABOUT ME: I have a passion for Happiness and big dreams coming true. One day a student asked me, “why do I smile so much”? I replied, because I feel like I am truly living in my purpose and I’m enjoying every moment of it. I have over 25 years of customer service skills. I started my first line of businesses when I was in 6th grade; styling hair & clothes for family and friends, getting paid for it or bartering in exchange for the service. I attended College of DuPage for my credentials to open up a salon business in 2010. During that experience I found that I had a gift to gab. People and clients often felt comfortable to disclose to me about various topics; and the feed back reciprocated to me I received with great Gratitude. So I decided to take a closer look at what I truly enjoyed from those experiences. I enrolled back in College of DuPage to pursue my credentials towards the Counseling track. Under one Umbrella, Your Royal Life was created... The most Gratifying feeling in the world is knowing exactly who you are or want to become. Having inspiration, support, discipline and a master plan to work towards that accomplishment is the Receipt for success. Branded an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Coach and Lifestyle Educator with a loving, yet stern personality. I have a passion for living and educating others on how to develop a Healthy Lifestyle. I claimed my independence and rented my first apartment at the age of seventeen. I Don’t prefer to takes NO for an answer. With Life experiences, lessons and education, I’ve made a successful career from my passions and the love for life!